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Parent's Night Out

-Parents Night Out is offered once a month. Around the holidays we will have more then one.

-There is a flyer on the front desk as well as on the website. You can sign up up front or on the website.

- PNO is now from 5:30pm-11:30pm for the same great price of $50 for one child and $65 for two or more children. If you are in need of extended times, please send us an email and we may be able to make some arrangements to fit your needs. Late pick ups will result in a late fee. All payments are invoiced the following Monday. Day of cancellations will result in a $10 fee. Stay tuned for possible day time hours during the holidays!

-Children of all ages are welcome to attend PNO. All babies and 1 year olds are in one room and older children are in another room. If we have enough people sign up we will split into three rooms based off of age. Each room is staffed by one of our own AWESOME SSA teachers!

- Dinner is provided.

- Most of the evening we spend time playing, coloring, dancing etc. After dinner we wind down and get ready for a movie. We watch one movie and then encourage each child to go to sleep. If your child is younger and/or you prefer them not to watch a movie they will go into the other classroom to read or relax on their mat before they fall asleep.

-Enter our raffle to win a FREE PNO! Each PNO you sign up for, enter your name into our raffle. A winner will be chosen the Wednesday before PNO! GOOD LUCK! :)

-Interested in pick up or drop off for an additional fee? Please inquire via email.

-Please send children in there pjs!

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