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the owners

Stepping Stones Academy is owned & operated by Elissa Koch and Jessica Nahay, a cousin team with 20+ years of early childhood teaching experience. With a shared passion for teaching and a genuine love of children, they have established an innovative childcare center.

Our Philosophy


The cognitive development of children from one through six is more impactful than any other time in their life. We know these formative years are critical to the development of your child's creative talents, positive self-esteem, and enthusiasm for learning. Stepping Stones Academy provides a safe, nurturing environment for your child to grow and develop character.

Our staff is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where children can build a foundation for continued learning. We believe a feeling of self-worth is one of the greatest attributes that we can instill in your little one. It is our desire to teach children values and skills for living: how to make good choices, work independently and collaboratively, develop proper manners, how to take responsibility, sharing, empathy, caring, honesty, and respect.

Our goal is to nurture children as they work toward independence, responsibility and develop problem-solving abilities. “Love and Logic” techniques coupled with experienced teachers, create a learning environment where children can explore and interact without the fear of failure while instilling sincere respect for the rights of others.

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